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about community

Community is created through stories. Stories told through​ audio, spread across the airwaves of social media. When we find ​our community, we find our power and we empower others.


but Mighty

As a minority-founded, location-independent ​crew, Gina & Lawrence Oliver III aim to help ​elevate the voices that often go unheard ​but are destined to make big waves.

work light us up

We work with wellness-centered, female-owned, and other brands who are

making the world a better place.

Social Media &

Podcast Management

36% more profile visits on ​social media

Doubled podcast listenership

Social Media &

Podcast Management

Social Media


48% increase in searches to their ​website from organic social media

Get that ‘just got back ​from vacay energy’

but, for your business

The way we see it you can approach your digital marketing in two ways:

a.) Waste your time, energy, and money trying to edit your podcast & promote ​ it on social media AND attempt to make your clients happy OR...

b.) Fully step into your zone of genius while we take care of making your ​podcast sound professional, post consistent quality content, & increase your ​brand awareness

Which one will you choose?

How we help

best seller

Social media & ​podcast ​management

From editing your podcast

to promoting it on social ​media-- we handle it all

Done for you services

Social Media ​Management & ​strategy

Full-service management

from content creation to ​publishing on the social ​platform(s) of your choice

Podcast ​management & ​strategy

From show notes writing to podcast editing. View our

podcast strategy partner!

How we help

Done with you service

Social media & podcast ​consultations

Monthly set-up for your new ​podcast or monthly ideas

for your social media. This is ​great for business owners who ​aren’t ready to fully outsource, ​but need direction with their ​social media or podcast.

client love

Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark

Juliana Costa

Host of Find Your ​Mentor Podcast

Yelle Belle

Former Co-Owner

of InCreativeCo

Gina and Tres are such a sweet ​duo to work with. We partnered up ​to run a social strategy session ​together for our women’s ​empowerment client. Their ​facilitation was structured and ​professional. On an ongoing basis, ​we set up the monthly social ​calendars so our client’s team could ​implement them.

This setup was super thorough and ​their social guidance was as ​exciting as you would expect from ​seeing their own IG content! They ​deliver for their clients what they ​would post themselves. Thanks for ​riding the wave with me!

Quotation Mark

Caroline Giffon

Girafe Coaching & ​host of Love Your ​Expat Life Podcast

Tres helped me get my podcast up ​and running. Used one of his beats ​for the Intro/outro and he edited ​each episode with a great ​turnaround time.

Not only did it help with my ​business, but I got to publish ​conversations with some of my ​dearest mentors and friends. So ​happy to be able to listen to these ​memories in polished audio quality.

Gina and Lawrence have ​consistently demonstrated ​reliability, responding promptly to ​the company's needs and ​showcasing an impressive ​turnaround time. Beyond their ​professionalism, they bring a ​refreshing sense of creativity and ​fun to the collaboration. Working ​with them is not only productive ​but also enjoyable, making the ​entire process a delight.

What sets Gina and Lawrence ​apart is their solution-oriented ​approach. No challenge is too big ​for them, and they truly have your ​back, ensuring a seamless and ​successful outcome every time. ​Also, they will hold your hand, if ​you need it!

Moreover, their embrace of the ​digital nomad's lifestyle serves as ​an inspiration. Their ability to ​seamlessly integrate work and ​travel showcases a level of ​dedication and passion that is truly ​commendable.

I wholeheartedly recommend ​Wave Enterprise, and especially ​Gina and Lawrence, to anyone ​seeking a top-notch team for their ​social media and podcast needs. ​They bring excellence, creativity, ​and a positive attitude to every ​project.

Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark

Casey Bertelsman

Host of the She Sparks ​Tech podcast

Tayler Milburn

Founder of Fringe Pilates


Are your packages


Yes, because we mainly work ​with small brands, we ​understand there’s no ‘one-​size-fits-all’ package. Email us ​if you don’t see exactly what ​you need.

How do you ​manage projects?

If you already have a ​workflow in Asana, Trello, or ​Airtable we would be happy ​to integrate ourselves into ​that flow. Otherwise, we will ​set you up in a clean Google ​Doc where we can work ​together out of.

What does your ​onboarding process ​look like?

Typically our full on ​boarding process takes 4 ​weeks for full service ​management. See this video​ to get a better picture of ​our specific process.

A Wave Enterprise Co Production

Ripple FX Podcast

We’re Gina & Tres– the hosts of Ripple Fx– a podcast where we’ll ​explore the connections that happen all around us and how they ​profoundly impact our lives & those we come in contact with.

Tune in twice a month for bite-sized conversations unpacking ​becoming digital nomads, transitioning into entrepreneurship, ​and everything in between!

Listen on Spotify


Wave Enterprise Co was born when we said “I d​o” in Mexico. Since then, we’ve lived in the P​hilippines, Guatemala, Italy, Tunisia & then s​ome unlearning societal norms & building up o​ur own core values: community, wellness, & c​onnection. We hope to inspire you to live well &​ inspire your community through your work.




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